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Ryan Past

Ryan started driving in 2006, adopting the traditional orange/white look, with a 15x on the side. After 6 nights at the end of the '05 season, and a heat win Ronnie made the decision to bump Ryan up to the highly competitive Sport/Limited Modified class. After a frustrating year marred with problems with an unproven chassis, Ryan was finally able to make some strong runs towards the end of the year in a new Smiley's chassis. It was over that winter that Ronnie and Ryan picked up a Dirtworks car from Oaklahoma,, with the intention of letting Ryan ease into the seat throughout the '08 season. But everything changed with the announcement of the opening of Monroe Motor Speedway. Ronnie decided to get rid of the limited and get an ASA Late Model, and let Ryan run the full season in a modified. Ryan had a great rookie year in the refurbished DW-9, picking up several top-5s, and never finishing out of the top 10. Towards the end of the year, Ryan even drove a pavement modified at Monroe, picking up a top 5 in his first ever pavement start. At the end of the season, Ryan and Ronnie decided to go pavement racing full-time in 2009, and traded the orange Dirtworks for an 07 Ellis Modified. They also picked up a 2000 model Hoffman with a homemade rear clip to play around with on the Monroe off-weekends. It was at the beginning of '09 that they ultimately made the decision to get away from pavement as Monroe began to show signs of turbulence, and they shifted their focus back to dirt. Again, an unproven chassis gave Ryan and Ronnie fits, as they chased problems all season. It ultimately led to a chassis switch at the end of the year, as Ryan ran an '07 Allen Autosports car to several strong runs. In the off-season of '09, the team decided to start over for 2010, acquiring a brand new Larry Shaw Modified for 2010!

Ryan calling home after his first heat race win

Waiting for Hot Laps

Making some camber adjustments after hot laps

Hot Laps at Ark-La-Tex Speedway in Vivian, LA

Waiting on the 2007 Firecracker Special A-Feature at Boothill Speedway

2005 Dirt Works DW-9 we rebuilt to race during the 2008 season

First night on pavement at Monroe Motor Speedway

Ryan Humphrey on the GAS!!

Cousins Ryan and Trent Humphrey getting ready for action at Fast Trax 11/8

Bear Creek Hoffman modified for the 2009 season!
At speed at Ark-La-Tex Speedway.
2007 Allen Autosports car we ran at the end of the '09 season.
Team Bear Creek at Rose Bowl Speedway in Tyler, TX.
2009 Shaw right after we unloaded it!

Waiting to pull out for a Heat Race

Getting buckled in!

Unfortunately, sometimes learning lessons is very costly...

Heat Race at Ark-La-Tex Speedway

Waiting for hot laps at 67 Speedway in Texarkana, AR

Feature Race at 67 Speedway in Texarkana, AR
VERY HAPPY with 4th place first night out!!

Ryan talking with Uncle Gene Humphrey (11/08/08)

Ryan on the gas in turns 1&2 in the "new" (2005) Hoffman!! (11/08/08)

Ryan working off of turn 2 at Fast Trax Speedway - 11/08/08
Ryan strapping in at Ark-La-Tex Speedway.
Getting ready for hot laps at Sabine Speedway.
The main powerplant...Gene Humphrey does them like no other!
2009 Shaw right after we unloaded it!